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Cultivating a Vibrant Future

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I am pleased to present our 15-Year Strategic Plan, which will become our road map that will serve as an implementation tool to achieve the Vision for the Fullerton Arboretum's continued success. In addition to the Vision, this working plan includes the Mission, Organizational Values, Guiding Principles, Strategic Directions and activities that will incrementally build upon themselves towards the Vision. Key indicators of success are also included as benchmarks of how we can measure our progress towards the Vision.

Beginning in June 2005, the development of the Strategic Plan was comprehensive because it was a public and open process. It focused on the involvement of our partners, stakeholders, volunteers, staff and the public at large to collectively create a shared vision, strengthen our mission, and determine the most important issues facing the Fullerton Arboretum over the next 15 years. Future strategies and action steps were then determined to evolve the Vision into reality. Input and insights were received through public workshops, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and individual questionnaires. A community and organizational analysis was also included through the review and summarization of previous studies and reports conducted on behalf and for the Fullerton Arboretum.

The creation of the Plan included three phases. Phase I included the collection of data, Phase II included the review and analysis of that data, and Phase III resulted in the creation of the Strategic Planning Document. Overseeing and directing the project included a Leadership Team comprised of key staff. Partners and Stakeholder representatives served on the Strategic Planning Task Force whose role was to advise and assist in the Strategic Planning process. Organizations represented on this important volunteer group included The Friends of the Fullerton Arboretum, California State University at Fullerton, the City of Fullerton, and the Fullerton School District. The firm, PDG & Associates, was contracted to serve as a facilitator in guiding the process.

Built upon the strong and successful legacy of the Fullerton Arboretum, the Strategic Plan emphasizes the Fullerton Arboretum's work in serving higher education through cutting edge research and curriculum promoting the science of plant conservation and the study of the region's agricultural history. The Plan also focuses upon providing outreach and educational activities that are innovative and provide an understanding of the plant world as well as the rich agricultural past for a diverse audience of learners including schools, home gardeners and the public at large.

The successful achievement of the Vision through the implementation of the Plan is dependent upon meeting the needs of our customers in the highest quality facilities with the most relevant and innovative programs. This can only be done through collaborative efforts including the strengthening of our existing as well as establishment of new partnerships. The ongoing, positive and unselfish contribution by the many volunteers that made and continue to advance the Fullerton Arboretum is greatly appreciated. Their input and gifts of time and resources has made the Fullerton Arboretum the botanical treasure we have all come to love and enjoy.

Gregory T. Dyment
April 2006


An urban oasis that is a botanical collection serving as a resource for research, education and the region's agricultural heritage that draws the community, including students and faculty, to become inspired to support its mission.


Provide our visitors the opportunity to gain knowledge and appreciation of the plant world through collections that preserve and promote stewardship of worldwide plant diversity and regional agricultural heritage. Serve faculty, students and the broader community through education and scholarly activities.


The values that form the foundation upon which the Fullerton Arboretum operates are:

Environmental stewardship and conservation
Education and research

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