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Fall Veggiepalooza
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Fall Veggiepalooza Vegetable Seedlings Are Still Available
in The Potting Shed!!


Featured Asian Greens

Napa Cabbage (Chinese Cabbage) Great for stir-fries and soups! This large, oblong vegetable with white stalks and pale green leaves has a mild taste and a soft texture when cooked. Napa is a key ingredient in Korean kimchi.

Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) Commonly steamed and served with oyster sauce, this dark green vegetable is similar broccoli, yet a little more bitter. It has thick, glossy stalks, large leaves and small flower heads in the center. Also used in stir fries.

Snow Pea Shoots Delicious right off the vine! Popular stir-fried with garlic, or cooked in soups.

Bok Choy Commonly steamed or used in soups, stews and stir-fries. Young bok choy is light green in color and mature bok choy has white stems and dark green leaves.

Gai Choy (Chinese Mustard) A large, dark yellow/green vegetable with some curly leaves and stems. It's spicy "bite" adds a delicious flavor when pickled, stir-fried, stewed and braised.

Mizuna Popular leafy vegetable used in Nabemono, a Japanese soup. Delicious stir-fried, pickled and eaten in salads. The dark green, serrated leaves and narrow white stalks are both edible with a slightly bitter and peppery flavor.

Chrysanthemum Greens Not the same as what is commonly seen in ornamental gardens, these greens are delicious in tempura, Taiwanese oyster omelets, and soups or hot pots. They have flat, serrated leaves and a bitter taste. Other common names are: tong hao in Chinese, shungiku or kikuna in Japanese, ssukgat in Korean and cai cuc or tan o in Vietnamese.


The potting Shed will offer over 150 varieties of vegetable plants, herbs and seeds for the fall and winter garden.

Learn how to grow fall and winter vegetables at one of our gardening seminars.

Gardening experts will be available to help choose the best varieties for your garden.

UCCE Master Gardeners will be here to help answer questions, and will offer gardening seminars.

Fall Veggiepalooza Schedule 2015

Fall Vegetable Sale Seedlings
Fall Vegetable Seedling Sale

Click on the Fall Veggiepalooza Pinterest Board to see images of available veggies!

Fall Vegetable Seedling Sale

All seeds come from Non GMO seed sources. Proceeds from this annual sale benefit the Fullerton Arboretum. There is not a charge for visitors, however, to help support the development of the Arboretum gardens and educational programs, voluntary donations at the main entrance are encouraged. Memberships will be available at the door.

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Quantities & varieties subject to change.

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