Plants - Mediterranean

The Mediterranean-Climate Collections contain plants adapted to a climate of cool moist winters and hot dry summers. A collection of Southern California’s native plants is part of this group.

Mediterranean pic 1California Native Garden

This area contains many species of plants from California’s coastal sage scrub and chaparral communities. Our collection includes several common plants from these communities such as Toyon, Chamise, and California Sagebrush. Coastal sage scrub plants typically grow at lower elevations than chaparral and can drop their leaves during the summer due to severe drought. Chaparral species have evergreen leaves, which often form a very dense, fire-prone canopy in the wild. Both communities contain beautiful specimens valued for their flowers, foliage, fragrance, and attractive bark.

Chilean Section

Our Chilean mattoral section contains a fascinating array of plants that come from a climate very similar to our own. In this area you will find many drought tolerant plants that would be good for this region, and an array of attractive flowing shrubs, bulbs and trees. Explore this part of the garden and experience an unusual flora with many plants virtually unknown to the gardener.

Mediterranean map

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