Plants - Desert

The Desert Collections are an introduction to the diversity of the world’s desert ecosystems. Many of the species in these collections are adapted to very dry climates

Desert summer dryThe Desert - Summer Dry

This collection contains a variety of plants that are adapted to dry conditions. Plants from the Cactus, Euphorbia, and Agave families are represented in this section, as well as a number of others native to Baja and Southern California deserts. Many of these plants have special adaptations that enable them to survive in extremely dry conditions, such as modified leaves and stems, shallow root systems, and the storage of water in their plant tissues.

Desert summer wetThe Desert - Summer Wet

This area contains plants native to the drier subtropical areas of the world, including a large number of sage species native to Mexico. Those regions receive most of their rainfall during summer months. You may notice that many trees in this section have large thorns on their trunks, including specimens from South Africa, Mexico, South America and Central America, however these species are not related. This ‘thorn’ trait has evolved independently in those countries as a result of similar conditions within those regions. This is called convergent evolution.

The Succulent Garden

The plants in this collection have evolved strategies to store large amounts of water within their tissues. Some store most of it in their leaves, while others have succulent stems or roots. Many have shallow root systems designed to absorb even small amounts of water quickly and efficiently. This collection includes agaves, crassulas, euphorbs, cacti, aloes, and mesembs.

Desert map

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